Scott Lambert

Board of Supervisors
Title: Supervisor
Phone: 610-648-0600

Scott Lambert joined the Board of Supervisors on January 2, 2018. This is his first publically elected position. His goals for the township are to:  enhance open space, slow the current pace of development, scrutinize planned growth, improve township outreach channels to enhance
communication with the community and improve community collaboration in township development decisions.
Family Life                                                                                                   
He and his wife, Nancy have been township residents since 2006 and previously resided in Fort Wayne, IN and Houston, TX. Their sons, Justin and Ryan are GVHS graduates.  He is active in golf, skiing and hockey.

Scott has been involved in the Health Care / Insurance Industry for 30+ years and founded and co-founded (3) managed care / health reinsurance companies, including Malvern based MaXim-Re Healthcare.

Born and raised in upstate NY, Scott graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh, NY where he was golf captain and a student council representative.

Volunteer Work                                                                                         
Scott has done volunteer work for various organizations including Spring Mill Farms Civic Association, Learning To Lead, Main Line Animal Rescue, and coaching hockey in TX, IN and Malvern.


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