What if I want to do something that the zoning doesn't allow?
In Pennsylvania, the Zoning Officer only has the authority to enforce the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance; they do not have the authority to grant any relief from those provisions. If you are in a situation where, for example, your property is so narrow that you can’t build an addition on the side of your house that will still provide for the minimum distance required between the house and the property line, you will need to apply for a variance. In East Whiteland, the variance process includes an informal presentation to the Board of Supervisors followed by a formal hearing before the Zoning Hearing Board. The Zoning Hearing Board makes the ultimate decision on whether or not to grant a request for a variance. The process is explained fully in the Zoning Ordinance. If you are considering applying for a variance, you may wish to discuss it with the Zoning Officer to be sure of how your particular circumstances may affect the process.

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