Park & Recreation Rentals

Township Parks, Park facilities, and Amenities are open and can be reserved below: 

Please take NOTE the capacity of each park.

Battle of the Clouds - Max 50

Bacton Hill Park - Max 100

Valley Creek Park - Max 200

To book a Park please click below:

Catalog - East Whiteland Township, PA ( 

If you need assistance with reserving a park please reach out to Tara McDaid at 610-897-4200.

East Whiteland takes pride in its numerous recreational opportunities for residents of all ages. Our park land facilities range from the natural woodlands to the ball fields at the sports-oriented Battle of the Clouds. The Township also boasts several neighborhood parks, East Whiteland is also completing work to define a vision for an extensive trail network that will interconnect the entire Township. 

Battle of the Clouds Park was designed to provide the Township with a multi-use area and active recreational facilities for sporting activities. 

Valley Creek Park provides 35 acres of woodlands, open space and natural trails along Valley Creek.

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  1. Larry Iaccio

    Director of Parks & Recreation

  2. Tara McDaid

    Front Desk Adminstrator