2022 Subdivision and Land Developments

Application  Description  Status 
LD-12-2022 Janssen Research and Development, LLC- Preliminary/Final Land Development Application to allow for many site improvements such as driveways, sidewalks, reconfiguration of parking lots, as well as redesign a new stormwater management system. The property located at 280 Great Valley Parkway is within the OBP (Office- Business Park) Zoning District.  Under Review 
CU-11-2022  Chester Valley Golf Club “Short-Course” (Chester Valley Golf Club) – Conditional Use Application to create a six-hole short course in the southwest corner of the tract. The property, located at 430 Swedesford Road, is within the R-1 (Low-Density Residential) Zoning District. Approved 
East Whiteland Township Police Station (East Whiteland Township) – Preliminary / Final Land Development Application to construct an approximately 29,000 s.f. police station and associated improvements. The new building is to be situated on a portion of the existing Township Campus located on Conestoga Road. The subject tract consists of three parcels. The properties located at 205 and 209 Conestoga Road are within the INS (Institutional) District. The property located at 6 Mill Lane is within the R-1 (Low Density Residential) – pending a Zoning Map amendment to INS (Institutional) District.

WLD-09-2022  Farm Boy BBQ Smoke House (Farm Boy BBQ) – Request for Waiver of Land Development to construct an 837 s.f. accessory structure to house two meat smokers at an existing restaurant property (former Friendly’s site). The property, located at 43 Lancaster Avenue, is within the FC (Frontage Commercial) District. Withdrawn  
LD-08-2022 330 Lancaster Avenue, LP - Preliminary / Final Land Development Application to construct an approximately 3,200 s.f. building addition and associated improvements to house a “specialty hospital” for surgical and rehabilitative care for hernia operations. The property, located at 330 Lancaster Avenue, is within the FC (Frontage Commercial) Zoning District. Under Review
CU-06-2022 Fetters Mill Community Association – Amended Conditional Use application to request the modification of a previous condition of approval related to the spacing of perimeter landscaping and buffering. The original Condition Use Decision from 1999 (to allow for a “cluster development” of property) was previously amended in 2015 to similarly modify the landscaping and buffering requirements. Approved  
LD-05-2022 GVSD 5/6 Center (Great Valley School District) - Amended Final Land Development application to construct a new 160,000 square foot 5th and 6th grade school center along with associated improvements (parking and stormwater). The property located at 354 Swedesford Road is within the NS (Neighborhood School) and OS (Open Space) Zoning Districts. The amended application includes an adjacent 7 acre parcel that was purchased by Great Valley School District to be used as passive recreation. See Conditional Use Application-03-2022.  Under Review
WLD-04-2022 Electric Vehicle Charging Station (Tesla Inc. Dewberry Engineer Inc.) - Wavier of Land Development for EV Charging Stations. Installation will consists of (2) V3 supercharger cabinets, (5) charging posts mounted to concrete foundation, (3) charging posts mounted to 18” integrated curb, (1) 1750A, MLO board ‘EV-1’, (1) utility transformer, (1) CT cabinet; and EVGO installation consisting of (1) utility cabinet, (1) 1200A switchgear, (1) step-down transformer, (1) 350kW power cabinet, (2) Delta City 100kW DC fast charging cabinet, and (1) 350kW dispenser. The total land disturbance consists of 500 square feet. The property, located at 5 Matthews Road is within the O/BPS Office Business Park Services Zoning District.  Approved 
CU-03-2022 Great Valley School District Outdoor Recreation (Great Valley School District) – Conditional Use Application to allow both passive and active recreation facilities in a residential district. The plan proposes outdoor play areas, relocated garden/greenhouse facilities, and a multi-use recreational trail adjacent to the existing KD Markley Elementary School and proposed 5/6th Grade Center. The property, located at 348 Swedesford Road, is within the R-1 (Residential) Zoning District. Approved
LD-02-2022 10 Malin Road Office / Flex Building (10 Malin Road Associates, LP) – Preliminary Land Development Application to construct an 11,000 square foot office / flex building, parking, and associated improvements. The property, located at 9 (S) Malin Road, is within the I (Industrial) Zoning District. Approved
LD-01-2022 41 Moores Road Parking Structure (MLF Westbrook Malvern Business Trust) – Preliminary / Final Land Development Application to construct a two-level, 193-space parking structure at an existing +/- 187,000 s.f. office building (also known as the Westbrook Corporate Center). The property, located at 41 Moores Road, is within the PO (Professional Office) Zoning District. Under Review