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Chester Valley Trail


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Trail Information

Officially opened September 21, 2010, the trail is maintained by Chester County Parks and Recreation.
The 4.2 mile fully-accessible trail is paved and 10-12 feet wide in an approximately 66-foot wide right-of-way. Crosswalks are provided at street crossings with bollards to slow trail traffic before the crossings and to restrict access by motorized vehicles. The present trail runs from Valley Creek Boulevard to Route 29.

Access Points in East Whiteland Township

  • N. Bacton Hill Road
  • Phoenixville Pike
  • East Whiteland Township Building
  • Route 401
  • Malin Station Road
  • Trail leading from the cul de sac on Winding Way
  • Route 29

Parking Available

  • Battle of the Clouds Park - access point for Phoenixville Pike
  • East Whiteland Township Building - access point
More Information about the trail can be found at the County's Website

Permitted Uses

Walking, jogging, cycling and scooters (non-motorized), in-line skating, cross-country skiing. Battery powered wheel chairs by persons with disabilities. Dog walking under leash. Strollers, including those connected to bicycles.

Prohibited Uses

Motorized vehicles including motor vehicles (excluding authorized vehicles), motorcycles, powered scooters and snowmobiles. Skateboards. Equestrian use, including horseback riding or carriage use.
It's the law - Bicyclist are required to give an audible signal before overtaking and passing a pedestrian

Children under 12 are required to wear helmets while riding bicycles.