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Posted on: March 27, 2017

Sunoco Pipeline Maintenance- Hydrostatic Testing

Hydrostatic testing of the pipe is to ensure its safety and integrity. The hydrostatic test involves filling the pipe with water and pressurizing the pipe to levels higher than the normal operating pressure in order to verify the strength of the pipe and to identify potentially detrimental defects. The pipeline pressure is continuously monitored for the duration of the test, which is a minimum of 8 hours for buried pipelines. The hydrostatic test could be conducted during the evening hours and you may see Sunoco and/or contract personnel patrolling the pipeline right of way during the testing process. 

Sunoco, in an abundance of caution, is requesting for the general public to remain clear of the pipeline right of way when possible during the testing period.  In the event a problem occurs during a hydrostatic test, we will have personnel standing by to respond, sectionalize the line, identify the location of the release and make repairs. In some cases, the test water is colored with an environmentally safe, biodegradable dye to assist in identifying a defect location. Upon completion of repairs, the line is pressurized again until a successful test is achieved. After achieving a successful hydrostatic test, the water is disposed of properly and the line will be returned to service.

For more information on Sunoco or hydrostatic testing, please visit our website at www.sunocologistics.com

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