2020 Subdivision and Land Developments

Application Development Description  Development Status 
2020-08-LD  514 Lapp Road- Land Development application to construct a 11,150 square foot light industrial building. The property is located in the O/BP Office Business Park District.  Pending 
2020 Liquor License No. R-21462 10 Liberty Boulevard- Malvern CPC, LLC wishes to make an application for the inter-municipal transfer of a retail restaurant liquor license into East Whiteland Township for use at the grove, 10 Liberty Boulevard, Malvern, PA. The subject liquor license is currently issued to 840 GCG, Inc. for use at 840 E. Street Road, West Chester, Thornberry Township, PA 19380. 
2020-06-CU 17 Spring Road- Conditional Use application for disturbance of steep slopes for a sanitary sewer connection. This application is associated with a Land Development Application ( 2020-05-SD) to subdivide a single lot into two lots and build a single family home. This property is within the R-3 District.  Approved 
2020-05-SD 17 Spring Road - Subdivison Application for two lots and the construction of a single family home.This property is within the R-3 District.   Pending
2020-04-LD Worthington Master Plan- Land Development application for Phase IV of development for a previously approved and recorded plan. The current plan for development includes, 19 buildings containing 466,712 square feet of retail space, 195,350 square feet of office space and 753 apartment units. This property is located within the ROC/R District.  Pending
2020-03-CU Crown Castle – Amended Conditional Use application pursuant to §200-92.C of the East Whiteland Township Zoning Ordinance to modify the location of a previously approved antenna. The new location will be shifted approximately 36 feet from the approved location and will replace (rather than duplicate) an existing light pole. The property, located at 16 Moores Road, is within the PO (Professional Office) District. Approved
2020-02-LD 19 Bacton Hill Road - Amended Land Development to reallocate impervious area towards gross floor area. The existing commercial building is non conforming and does not meet the required setback from other like zoned tracts, this application is pursuant to §200-42, 200 Attachment 9 of the Zoning Ordinance to construct the proposed building no closer to the property line than the existing building. This property is located within the I (Industrial) District.  Pending
2020-01-CU Oakwood WaterWalk Hotel – Conditional Use application pursuant to §200-57 of the East Whiteland Township Zoning Ordinance to allow roads and parking lots within areas of steep slopes. This application is associated with a Land Development Application (LD-15-2019) to construct a 153-room extended stay hotel, interior courtyard, surface parking, and stormwater management facilities. This project is associated with the Uptown Worthington Master Plan. The property, located at 85 Matthews Road, is within the O/BP (Office/Business Park) and ROC/R (Regionally Oriented Commercial/Residential) Overlay Districts. Pending