Rezoning of Knickerbocker Tract

DP Whiteland, LLC is the equitable owner of several parcels of land located between Mill Lane, Lapp Road, Old Morehall Road, Liberty Drive, and Swedesford Road in East Whiteland Township (UPI 42-4-19 ; 42.4-25.1 ; 42-4-25.2 ; 42-4-42 ; 42-4-30). These parcels, known collectively as the "Knickerbocker Tract," total approximately 176 acres. Currently, the tract is zoned for a combination of R-1 Residential (Uses and Standards) and O/BP Office Business Park (Uses and Standards) – which permits a range of commercial uses such as professional office, manufacturing, warehousing/distributing, etc. 

The applicant has requested that the Township consider a zoning map amendment in order to rezone this tract to RMH Medium-High-Density Residential. The applicant has also provided a conceptual site plan showing how the tract would be redeveloped using the development standards of the RMH District. The plan depicts approximately 269 dwelling units, internal roadways, stormwater management facilities, open space amenities, and associated improvements: