Bryn Erin trail project

In 2018 East Whiteland Township completed a trail alignment evaluation, which identified a trail connection between Kelmar Avenue (within Bryn Erin) and the Chester Valley Trail as a priority. The Bryn Erin trail would create a direct connection to the Chester Valley Trail for over 270 homes located in the neighborhood. The project could also serve as a "trail link" that provides a safe walkable connection from the Chester Valley Trail to Great Valley High School and Great Valley Middle School.

The Township has funds available from the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) to construct the trail. An easement to construct the trail was needed from the adjacent property owner, which was generously granted by Haym Salomon. This project is under construction, the East Whiteland Public Works Department has begun receiving quotes for paving. This project is scheduled to be completed sometime in 2020.

Bryn Erin Photo 1