Bacton Hill Park Master Plan

Bacton Hill Park, formerly known as the Swanenburg property, has been owned by East Whiteland Township for 20 years. Over that time, very few improvements have been made to the space. Although three plans have been prepared none were implemented. In 2019, East Whiteland Township applied for and received a phase 1 construction grant through the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources in the amount of $200,000. In addition, in early 2020 East Whiteland Township applied for and received a grant through the Chester County Department of Parks & Open Space Preservation in the amount of $100,000. Other funds necessary for the park will be paid for by recreation fees collected from residential development.

The development of Bacton Hill Park will occur in at least two phases. the first phase will include an all-abilities playground, a pavilion, a loop trail system, a trail connection to the Chester Valley Trail, native tree plantings, benches, driveway access, a parking lot and storm water management. East Whiteland Township intends to design and create a space that will appeal to all members of the community while maintaining a responsible budget.

Currently, the Township is working towards getting the park ready for construction. Specifically, the Township Engineer is preparing construction drawings for the park. Township staff is also working with other consultants and interested parties on the details of the park, most importantly the all-abilities playground.

Bacton Hill Park