Taxes & Assessments

Keystone Collections Group

Keystone Collections Group is the tax collector for East Whiteland Township's Local Services and Earned Income Taxes. You can reach Keystone Collections Group at their Chester County office at 888-519-3903 or 610-269-4402.
  1. Earned Income / Net Profits Tax

    The tax requires that all persons living or working in the Township pay 0.5% on all individual gross earnings and net profits from businesses.

  2. Fees & Assessments

    View information on fees and assessments.

  3. Local Services Tax

    The Local Services Tax (formerly called OPT or EMS Tax) is an Act 222 tax. All persons working in the Township will be required to pay $52 annually.

  4. Real Estate Tax

    There are 3 real estate tax bills issued annually by the County, the Township, and the School District.