Snow Removal & Emergencies

Mission Statement

East Whiteland Township realizes the importance of snow removal to our residents and the traveling public. The Township utilizes a "Snow Management Plan" to safely clear all dedicated Township roadways as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Our goal is to have all Township roadways clear within:
  • 6 to 10 hours for a 3 inches to 6 inches snowfall
  • 10 to 14 hours for a 6 inches to 10 inches snowfall
  • 14 to 20 hours for a 10 inches to 16 inches snowfall
All time frames are after the snow has stopped falling.
Truck with Snowplow
With your cooperation, this plan will ensure the best use of time, Township resources, equipment and manpower during snow removal emergencies.

If you have any questions about the Township's Snow Removal Plan, please call the Public Works Department at 610-648-0600, ext. 211.

East Whiteland Township Snow Management Plan

Professional Weather Services such as National Weather Service (NOAA) - Mt. Holly, New Jersey provide the Township with periodic reports that predict the impact of approaching storms on the East Whiteland Township area.

This allows the Township to prepare in advance by notifying staff, readying plowing equipment and loading salt and anti-icers. The Township maintains standby crews all winter long that can be called to work after normal work hours, weekends and holidays.

Timing is critical with a winter storm. As the storm approaches, Township road crews begin applying salt to all Collector Roads. Then, they salt hills, intersections and trouble spots on all dedicated Township roadways.

Snow Plowing Begins

The Public Works Department begins plowing when it is determined that 2 inches of snow have accumulated on the roadways. Plowing is ineffective and inefficient for lesser snowfalls.

Rules & Regulations

  • There shall be no parking of any motor vehicle, trailer, boat or camper on any public roadway within East Whiteland Township at any time from the beginning of the accumulation of any frozen precipitation (snow or ice) until the precipitation stops and the roadway is cleared by the East Whiteland Township Public Works Department.
  • Plowing crews are linked with the Township via two-way radios to assist police, fire and emergency personnel.
  • The Public Works Department plows 117 streets consisting of 47 miles of Township roadways.
  • The first priority is to clear all Snow Emergency Routes and Collector Streets. Crews then begin plowing residential streets and cul-de-sacs.
  • East Whiteland Township has 117 residential streets. We appreciate your patience while we make our rounds.
  • Trees must maintain a clearance of 11 feet near the curb line to allow plowing equipment to pass.
  • Crews attempt to clear all streets to the curb line during snow removal. This may not be possible for properties when branches hang over the street (providing a clearance less than 11 feet) or when trash cans, vehicles, etc. obstruct plowing operations. Remember to make sure your mailbox is accessible by your postal courier to ensure uninterrupted mail delivery.