Replacement Documents & Contact Information

Here is a check list of documents you will need to replace if they have been destroyed, and who to contact for information on the replacement process.

Item & Who to Contact

  • Driver's license, auto registration: Department of motor vehicles
  • Bank books (checking, savings, etc.): Your bank, as soon as possible
  • Insurance policies: Your insurance agent
  • Military discharge papers: Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Passports: Passport service
  • Birth, death and marriage certificates: Bureau of Records the appropriate state
  • Divorce papers: Circuit court where decree was issued
  • Social Security or Medicare cards: Local Social Security office
  • Credit cards: The issuing companies, as soon as possible
  • Titles to deeds: Records department of the locality which the property is located
  • Stocks and bonds: Issuing company or your broker
  • Wills: Your lawyer
  • Medical records: Your doctor
  • Warranties: Issuing company
  • Income tax records: The IRS Center where filed or your accountant
  • Citizenship papers: U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service
  • Prepaid burial contract: Issuing company
  • Animal registration papers: Humane Society
  • Mortgage papers: Lending institution